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Restraining Order in Nashua, NH

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In Nashua, restraining orders are legal orders issued by the court that make it mandatory for one person to stay away from another person. If you need to fight a restraining order filed against you, speak to an experienced restraining order attorney in Nashua at Bernstein & Mello, PLLC Criminal Defense today.

Nashua Restraining Orders

Being charged with a restraining order can make your life extremely difficult. If you find yourself at the grocery store at the same time as the person that filed the restraining order in Nashua you could be arrested for violating the order. Your routine schedule is sure to be interrupted when ensuring that you do not violate this restraining order.

We understand the disruption that a restraining order in Nashua can cause, especially when a former spouse seeks a restraining order against you and children are involved. We have handled enough cases to realize that not all restraining orders are justified. An angry family member or former spouse can attempt to get a restraining order against you to damage your reputation or make your life more difficult. 

Our firm independently investigates your case to determine the best way to build a solid defense for you. Our experienced restraining order attorney in Nashua will help you defend your freedom by fighting any restraining order filed against you. Whether you have been served with the restraining order or you anticipate being served, contact us immediately to start building your defense. 

Our restraining order lawyer in Nashua has successfully represented many clients that have had a restraining order filed against them. We can help determine the context of any statements you have made to determine if there was even a credible threat involved to initiate any restraining order being implemented. If you made any comments during a fleeting moment of anger with no intention of carrying forward any threats, we can help bring this information to light.

Restraining orders, protective orders and harassment allegations can be fought with aggressive and experienced representation from our seasoned professionals. We have the skills to fight restraining orders in Nashua, especially when there is evidence that a restraining order is not necessary in your circumstances. Talk to the experienced attorneys at Bernstein & Mello, PLLC Criminal Defense to provide you with the peace of mind that you need during this difficult and challenging time. Contact our firm today to learn more!

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