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Motor Vehicle Violations in Nashua, NH

Motor vehicle violations in Nashua can happen to anyone. Regardless of the charges, some motor vehicle cases quickly escalate to the point of needing legal advice. At Bernstein & Mello, PLLC Criminal Defense, we work to limit the heavy penalties that may be imposed with motor vehicle violations in Nashua. 

Nashua Motor Vehicle Violations Attorney

If you are fearful of having a suspended license due to points being assessed on your license, it may be worth retaining a motor vehicle violations lawyer in Nashua to help you avoid that fate. Once you have accumulated too many points and have lost your license, you may continue to face strict penalties beyond fines and licensing fees. Many drivers also face increased auto insurance rates after their license has been suspended.

The following driving offenses in Nashua are assigned the following points:

Stop Sign, Motor Vehicle Violations in Nashua, NH

One Point Offenses:
 Operating without vehicle registration on hand
 Failing to obey vehicle inspection requirements
 Failing to obtain a New Hampshire driver's license after residency of longer than 30 days

Two Point Offenses:
 Driving a vehicle without proper registration
 Operating a vehicle without a driver's license on hand 
 Failing to abide by license restrictions
 Operating a vehicle without the proper class of license that the vehicle requires

Three Point Offenses:

 Failing to obey traffic signs or signals 
 Following another vehicle too closely
 Failing to yield to the proper right of way

Four Point Offenses:
 Driving without a license
 Improper passing of another vehicle 
 Speeding at 25 mph or more above the posted limit

Nashua Habitual Offender

A habitual offender is a person who faced multiple moving violations and has been certified by the New Hampshire DMV. These repeat offenders have faced multiple motor vehicle violations over the past 5 years and have had their driving privileges revoked.

In many cases, driving after being certified as a habitual offender in Nashua is punishable by up to 5 years in state prison. The mandatory minimum sentence is 1 year in jail. However, Bernstein & Mello, PLLC Criminal Defense can help. We will review your motor vehicle record and examine the legality of any motor vehicle stop leading to your arrest.

Having a driver's license in New Hampshire is considered a privilege that we want to help you keep! Our motor vehicle violations attorney in Nashua routinely represents clients who have been accused of driving while being a habitual offender. Contact us to learn how we can help you!

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